Floyd/Lydian solo (Claude Johnson)
Minor Ballad solo (Claude Johnson)
Melodic Rock solo (Silvio Gazquez)

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Keep on Jammin',

Claude Johnson

Claude u got it all brother, from the sweetest folk/accoustic, to blues jams that always blow me away. This is definetely the best learning package avalible on the net, excellent for begginners and professionals alike.....
Brad M, Australia
This is so much fun jamming to. After many years of not practicing, this material is getting me back into it. Thanks Claude!
"Sunfish", from Minneapolis, MN
Thanks Claude for this amazing package. I purchased the jam tracks and absolutely love them. You are a great teacher and this package is truly an aid that will help any student or pro in their quest to be a better guitarist. Thanks again.
John Hoita, Toronto Canada

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