Amazing Jam Tracks

Hey Folks…

Claude Johnson here again with yet another website 🙂  This time its all about the jam tracks!

Let’s face it – playing by yourself can get boring sometimes – which is why we all need a ton of cool backing tracks to jam with…  Stay tuned and stay with me… because the most unbelievable, mind blowing collection of killer jam tracks is about to be revealed…

A cool Grunge Track

This is the first of many jam tracks for you to enjoy.. This jam track is a grunge style… The crunchy rhythm reminds me a little of Van Halen.

You can download the track here: Click to Download

Or Just Press Play Below.

Here’s the same track with a few killer licks on top of it… This is what it sounds like when you add some lead guitar 🙂

By the way, what do you think of this track? What kind of jam tracks
are you most interested in?

P.S. For those who asked, the key is A minor…So try the A minor/C major scale
and especially A minor pentatonic.